Chasing efficiencies in tire production

At the Michelin tire manufacturing plant in Homburg/Saar, up to 3000 new tires come off the production line every day along with around 1800 retreads. Tire production is a technically complex process and required multiple electromechanical parameters to be recorded

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Marlyn matures into a fully autonomous drone

Atmos UAV is starting a revolution in the drone market with the introduction of Marlyn, its industrial grade photogrammetry drone that simplifies and optimizes surveying processes. Atmos UAV was founded in 2013 and in Marlyn, has manufactured the world’s first

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Automotive Manufacturing – Measuring for efficiency 

Two key criteria for successful development and mainstream adoption of (hybrid) electric vehicles are – reliability and driving range. The lower the loss in electric systems, the longer their lifetime and the more efficient the drivetrain, the longer the driving

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