About Us

Precision is all around us. In everything we see, everything we touch. It means the difference between success and failure, safe  and unsafe , sustainable and unsustainable. Whether it is at home and office or how we travel between them; how we generate energy and operate within our industries;  how we communicate and connect, or care for our environment and each other; precision measurements are vital for innovation and progress.


With over a century of experience in precision making, we at Yokogawa have built our reputation on understanding the needs of scientists and engineers across industries. Always at the forefront of technology, we further our mastery over our core technologies to enable engineers, who rely on precise and reproducible measurements, to make critical development decisions for their next generation of products.

We believe that sustainable innovation is driven by quality measurement and work hard to ensure R&D and engineering teams have the advice and equipment to ensure reliable measurements to fine tune critical development decisions.  Our aim with this blog is to navigate you through trends, technologies and solutions in test and measurement across industries to help you improve product development,  save energy and enhance connectivity.

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Meet the Precision Maker

Luca Rizzardi

We caught up with Luca Rizzardi, T&M Sales Manager for Yokogawa, to find out a little more about what attracted him to a career in electronics and measurement and why he chose to work for Yokogawa.

“I attended the Polytechnic College of Milan, graduating in electronic engineering. The real entry into the measuring instrumentation sector was with my entry into Yokogawa Italia. One of the most motivating points of working in Yokogawa is the type of markets, applications and customers. There are countless interesting and motivating products for Yokogawa’s sales and my preference goes to wattmeters and, to the latest model released, namely the WT5000. Yokogawa provides customers with nothing less than excellence in instrumentation accompanied by consultancy and partnership customer care. A very new technology I am excited about, is quantum computing. Precision is a physical and technological characteristic in which Yokogawa excels. Yokogawa can provide customers with state-of-the-art equipment. Precision in the measurement allows our customers to make better products for their customers and markets. ”